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   Dr. Jordan Pulas - surgeon ophthalmologist

    Refractive Surgery
    Phakic Lenses
    Myopia-Hypermetropia      with Laser
    Astigmatism Surgery

Refractive Surgery 

The requirements of various professions (army service, aviation, police officers etc), hobbies and lifestyles (sports, cosmetic reasons, independence from glasses) made the use of glasses and contact lenses difficult.
In such cases the answer is the application of contemporary technology, such as LASER or implantation of special lenses in the eye.
At present we are able to correct all the diagnosed amount of Myopias - Hypermetropias and Astigmatism with high rates of success, especially when the applied procedure it is well documented and performed by a specialist refractive eye surgeon.
The LASER corrects with safety only certain amounts of refractive error and it is applied in patients that fill the essential criteria.
For that reason the most important step of the procedure is the right choice of the candidate patient.
In general the inclusion criteria are: Age over 17 and under 55, attempted correction more than half diopter of refractive error, not suffering of chronic ocular diseases, not have any change in the refraction the last 6 months before surgery and the women should not be in pregnancy.
The most important Refractive surgical procedures that are applied today are: LASIK, PRK, LASEK, Phakic Lenses, Clear Lens Extraction, Intra Corneal Inlays and Astigmatic Kertotomy


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