Dr. Jordan Pulas - Surgeon Ophthalmologist



   Dr. Jordan Pulas - surgeon ophthalmologist

    Refractive Surgery
    Phakic Lenses
    Myopia-Hypermetropia      with Laser
    Astigmatism Surgery

It is applied when the cornea is thin, in low myopias and in individuals that are at high risk to strike their eye ex.: boxers, commandos, parachutists etc.
In this method that takes no more than 15 min. for each eye, the cornea is not cut, but the Laser is applied directly on the exterior surface of the cornea after the epithelium removal.
The regeneration of the epithelium takes 3-7 days.
During this period the eye is patched by a therapeutic contact lens, which is removed after the final closure of the corneal wound.
After surgery the patient has the sense of foreign body and excessive lacrimation that lasts roughly 48 hours.
The sight is restored one week after surgery.
Despite their differences, the final visual results in two methods, Lasik and Prk, are similar at the end of the second post op month.
The choice of the proper method rests with in the crisis of the eye doctor, which by evaluating the preoperative patient’s data decides what method it will finally be applied.

In PRK the Laser is applied directly on the anterior surface of the Cornea after the epithelium removal.

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