Dr. Jordan Pulas - Surgeon Ophthalmologist



   Dr. Jordan Pulas - surgeon ophthalmologist

    Refractive Surgery
    Phakic Lenses
    Myopia-Hypermetropia      with Laser
    Astigmatism Surgery

This method was first introduced by dr. Camellin in Italy in1998, to treat cases where the application of LASIK was contraindicated. The difference between LASEK and LASIK lays on the fact that LASIK is more invasive technique due to the Cornea cut that had to be performed before Laser application.
From PRK , LASEK differs very little. In both methods the LASER is applied directly on the corneal surface after the epithelium removal.
The only difference that exists between them is that in LASEK the corneal epithelium is preserved and after the end of surgery is repositioned and bandages the surgical trauma, while in PRK the corneal epithelium is removed completely and after surgery the surgical trauma is protected by a bandage contact lens. This lens is removed after the complete regeneration of the epithelium which normally takes 3 to 5 days. Some doctors perform this method routinely supporting that LASEK has less pain and less corneal haze comparing to PRK.


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