Dr. Jordan Pulas - Surgeon Ophthalmologist



   Dr. Jordan Pulas - surgeon ophthalmologist

    Refractive Surgery
    Phakic Lenses
    Myopia-Hypermetropia      with Laser
    Astigmatism Surgery


The Intra Corneal Inlays are thin transparent rings made of PMMA material. They are placed inside the Corneal stroma leading to the flattening of the central part of Cornea.
This flattening may corrects Myopias up to 4.00 diopters.
It is a simple method, reversible and is performed under local anaesthesia.
The last few years the use of ICI are extended to the correction of Keratoconus and in the treatment of post operative Lasik complications such as Corneal Ectasia and Decentered Ablation.

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