Dr. Jordan Pulas - Surgeon Ophthalmologist



   Dr. Jordan Pulas - surgeon ophthalmologist

    Refractive Surgery
    Phakic Lenses
    Myopia-Hypermetropia      with Laser
    Astigmatism Surgery

C.L.E. are the initials of the words Clear Lens Extraction, it means the surgical removal of the transparent crystalloid lens.
This method is used for the correction of high Myopias from 15 to 27 dioptries and Hypermetropias above 7 dioptries.
It is a pure surgical method and is similar to Cataract surgery.

The transparent Crystalloid Lens is removed through a small incision less than 3.5 mm using the same technique as in Cataract surgery. Usually an Acrylic intraocular lens is implanted after the Clear Lens Extraction for the correction of pre-existed Myopia or Hypermetropia

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