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Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease which usually appears at the end of puberty. Both eyes are affected but with differing severity. The earliest clinical sign is the progressive worsening of vision, so that the patient frequently needs new glass prescription which unfortunately provides little help to the sight.

fig.1                    fig.2
The pathology of Keratoconus is strongly related with Cornea. Normally Cornea appears like a part of sphere (fig.2) while in Keratoconus has a conical shape (fig.1)

fig.3                    fig.4
The first therapeutic approach of Keratoconus is the application of specially designed Contact Lenses. (fig.3-4).
In cases where the patient can not tolerate the Contact Lenses, Keratoconus can be managed by implanting inside the Corneal stroma specially designed PMMA rings named Intra Corneal Inlays (I.C.I.). The procedure is simple, reversible and it is performed under topical anesthesia. Generally it is a complications free procedure (fig.5)

Finally in cases where Keratoconus has a dramatic progression the treatment of choice is Cornea Transplantation.

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